When did I start liking black women…? Part 1

 This is a question I have gone over in my head for a couple years now. Probably the first time I ever really noticed black women, was in the movie Conan. I first saw this movie when I was 12, and something in the movie caught my eye. Conan is the classic hero saves the princess story and you have most likely seen it. Anyway in the movie Arnold Schwarzenegger must take a princess to some temple, along the way they meet a women, a black woman to be exact. Now this woman has been captured, but instead of being a damsel in distress, shes fight back. You may be wondering who is playing this women, and it is none other than Grace Jones.

I had never seen such a powerful, strong, beautiful woman in my life. White women in movies were always getting in trouble or always needed saving, but not this woman. In addition this woman was with out a doubt the most beautiful woman I had seen.

In a few weeks I will talk about other things that may have have triggered me to like black women. As always thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment!


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10 Responses to When did I start liking black women…? Part 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Grace is a Goddess. Loves her music and movies, too bad there will never be another like her. Ode to Grace

  2. Sky says:

    I am def. lovin this! congrats on opening up your first blog. I’ll def. be an avid reader!

  3. Gloryus says:

    Yeah Nice blog post here.

    The first time I began to like white boys (later men lol) was when I watched the ‘Robin Hood Of Sherwood’ series… was around 7 or 8yrs old then. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, so chances are it was a British/BBC production. It stars the actor Michael Praed as Robin Hood and I had a HUUUUGEEE crush on this guy’s character :-).
    This most likely factors into why I have a ‘thing’ for men with long dark hair too.
    Here’s a video so anyone can see what he looks like (and I became a bit nostalgic to see this video/hear the soundtrack after SO MANY years):

    Every dream I’ve had in which I was married with kids, it’s always been with a white guy. I’ve long since, come to accept this as my preference and that’s that about that or as they say, ‘the rest is history’ :-).

  4. Kyle says:

    @Sky Thanks for the comment and I am glad you will continue to read my blog!

    @Gloryus Great story! Its great to hear that you like White guys haha! Thanks for the comment!



  5. scificrazy says:

    I loved Michael Praed in The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

  6. Shana says:

    I found this blog through Andreas’ blog. I read your comment of starting your own blog and was happy to find out that you started so soon! I have enjoyed your entries so far and I’m looking forward to future entries:)

  7. Kyle says:

    @Shana Thanks for checking out my blog! I can use all the support I can get!

  8. Velour, Woman of Valor says:

    Cool. 🙂 I wish I had an interesting story to share, too, lol, but I can’t remember when I first started liking white guys. I remember getting crushes on white boys even when I was really little.

  9. Selena says:

    Hey Kyle,

    Awesome post and yes Grace is the bomb. There’s tons of stuff on her on Youtube.

    Stay connected to the BWE/IR bloggers as well as the white/Asian men that blog. If you haven’t already, join Facebook and sign up for as many interracial groups that you can 🙂


  10. Funkystarkitty50 says:

    I just downloaded one of Grace’s songs not long ago. She is amazing!!! I really appreciate blogs like yours because there is so much negativity towards BW on the Internet and the media in general. I knew of a WM blogger who had to go into hiding because of some crazy stuff. His site was great and it was a shame that he had to close it down. He may have re-opened it and just made his site “invitation only” to control who can post or not.

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